14 June 2010

I may be my mother's daughter but...

...my cooking skills are not quite so refined... my mum's would look straight out of a shop... me I am a bit more rough around the edges.
But what has inspired me is eating local, we have a delivery every week of locally produced fruit and veg from grocer gunst. What we really like about it is, that we never know what we are going to get, and although we get standard things such as mixed salad leaves etc, it is the odd extras that keep us on our toes. Also I like that the farmer/ grower is controlling his/ her stock and using what there is left leading to no potential waste.
my pepper and broccoli quiche/ salad (with homemade thyme pastry), may look very ordinary (and rough and ready) but there is alot of hidden goodness delivered from grocer gunst, such as, garlic scapes, pea tips, radishes, watercress and off course organic eggs. As for the taste... julian will have to comment on that.
I am looking forward to seeing what comes in the following weeks... and can't wait until the return of those amazing local cherries.


  1. yum..and George agreed too (she got the odd bit of crust under the table).

  2. i think this looks good! (at first i thought those were sausages...)
    i may have to check out your grocer, since we never seem to make it to the farmer's market.

  3. LOL sausages!
    Yeh he is really good. Everything is always fresh and we seem to get loads even though we get a small box!


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