19 December 2009

nike matagi

just when i was beginning to loose interest in
a certain type of footwear these puppies came along
named after japanese hunters using traditional hunting
techniques for bear and japanese serow

i shall be tracking these down... especially the air baked mid
a stroke of genius


17 December 2009

enric miralles

hugely influential to my own thinking Miralles sums it up perfectly
originally spotted at diffusive architectures

“I feel I am a participant in the tradition that prizes doing, manufacturing, as the source of thought… Shifts and turns make the paper lose its sheet nature. It is a working structure. Its rules are those of economics and commodity. On these planes there is no concern to represent… it is a task of multiplying a single intuition: of seeing it appear in all its possible forms… of aligning acrobatically, like a game, all the rays of lines that go in a direction… of keeping all the aspects of one’s project on paper. It is not a question of accumulating data, but of multiplying them; of enabling what you had not thought of to appear”

no doubt the root of our own continuously evolving vocabulary of ideas......

tick tock tick tock tick

are global consumption patterns about to change for good ?
are we moving towards a low / no carbon economy ?
or is it business as usual ?

15 December 2009

the return of poshness

oh Britain, what a curious place you are....

14 December 2009


a couple of retailers that are floating my boat right now, one on the East Side and another on the West.
Dave's Quality Meat in New York and Blackbird in Seattle. I'm always on the look out for a decent pair of moccasins, really if I'm honest the ultimate pair of moccasins, and lately one of my all time heros Chris Bonington has been providing stylistic influence for that old school mountaineering vibe.

time for some more Kendal Mint Cake......

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