30 May 2010

private plots 2010

we have been spending the weekend getting information together to enter private plots.

we completed one very significant private plot late last year and we thought we would try our luck with it. Here is a sneak preview of our A0 poster... that is now all wrapped up and ready for the post tomorrow morning.


Hopefully our chinese dragon and the lovely red ferry ladies (courtesy of our mate tom's international travels) will bring us some luck... fingers, toes and paws all crossed at considered design.

24 May 2010


We like design that makes you think. These pieces by Dutch design firm Oooms are right up our alley. There is a slightly subversive punk rock attitude going on that is hard to resist. Love it.

Roadkill CarpetRoadkill Carpet
Wooden USB Stick

21 May 2010

happy long whiskey weekend!

great 6 minute short film for Johnnie Walker whiskey featuring Robert Carlyle walking the hills of Loch Doyne in Scotland recounting, in full detail, the story of how the Scottish farmer turned his product into the world famous brand it is today. Other than the great story, it was filmed in one continuous shot. It took Robert 40 tries to finally get it right.

if i could move any apartment block to vancouver...

it would be Urban Splash/ Alsop's CHIP's in Manchester. I love everything about the building and the marketing, it is all very tempting, and if you need any more convincing it also won an RIBA award this year.

Chips New Islington Manchester : Apartments for sale : Commercial space for sale & to let : Urban Splash by urbansplash.Chips New Islington Manchester : Apartments for sale : Commercial space for sale & to let : Urban Splash by urbansplash.Chips New Islington Manchester : Apartments for sale : Commercial space for sale & to let : Urban Splash by urbansplash.

17 May 2010

thomas cambell

really love thomas cambell's work, its almost as if he has created his own visual language in order to describe the world around him, these images come from his latest show in denmark via drift surfing inspirational stuff.





07 May 2010

the final countdown

This has been one of those 'special' projects. It didnt look good from the outset, historic easements that no one quite knew the purpose of, the run around with the city while they decided which one of their departments would eventually deal with things.

The laser cut basalt from china, hinoki cypress from a man called bill in haines alaska, vetri bianco tiles from italy and the italian, polish, scandinavian and a few canadian guys have in their own way put this thing together. Not to mention a client with the patience of a saint.

Its been a journey, and a mass produced acrylic hole in the ground this most certainly is not. In the next two weeks we'll fill her with water, fire up the flat panel LED light pads, hope the ozone filters work their magic and maybe just maybe have the best damn hot tub in the world....well it'll look the coolest anyway. Hope they like it as much as we do.

06 May 2010

in the post!

we have just put together our first promotional brochure introducting considered design. They went into the post today, mostly to local vancouver architects and developers, also to some inspiring firms in victoria, squamish, toronto and montréal, all companies we hope to have the opportunity of working with in the future.

off course george lent a helping hand too...

design integrity

droog's new design integrity.

04 May 2010

rennie gallery published!

An article on the Rennie Art Gallery is in Art in America this month (May 2010). They chose two lovely shots of the roof garden to accompany the article. Always pleasing to see something you have designed looking so well in print.

03 May 2010

poppies have started flowering

I got this photograph today from Rennie Gallery, it has made my week.

I am so excited about seeing the other 200 flowers (or so) to come out! It is going to be very spectacular in a couple of weeks.


"We are going to die and that makes us the lucky ones. Most people are never going to die because they are never going to be born. The number of people who could be here in my place out number the sand grains of Sahara. If you think about all the different ways in which our genes could be permuted, you and I are quite grotesquely lucky to be here, the number of events that had to happen in order for me to exist in order for you to exist, we are privileged to be alive and we should make the most of our time on this world."


01 May 2010

the summer season

after loosing mine a couple of months back and now mooching about in the Mrs's 'spare pair' (and most definitely looking far too much like some sort of extra in The Hills as such) I think its about time I replaced my summertime most worn item. Had m' eye on a pair of these bad boys for sometime, immortalized by yer man Mcqueen in just about everything he did, The Persol 649. Now the question is do you go all out and go totally Thomas Crown Affair and go for the Blue lenses ?

faye-and-steve-pose-in-dunebuggy-in.jpg image by sethbreaker
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