07 November 2012

Day Dreaming With....

Update.  Haunch of Venison show.  Futura Pointman robot.  Yup.

Daydreaming with... James Lavelle from Daydreaming with... on Vimeo.

Totally late with this stuff, like a year and a half.....James Lavelle, St Michaels church Camden.  Dante, Angel wings....this must have been incredible.

Daydreaming with... St Michael's from Daydreaming with... on Vimeo.

06 November 2012

Tiny House

These guys were our neighbour last year at the Mt Baker parking lot where we camped out on the LBS weekend.  Wonder if they will be back for 2013.

30 October 2012

An Onjuku Surf Shack

Lovely Japanese no nonsense clean lines and honest true materials

Onjuku Surf Shack from BAKOKO on Vimeo.

10 October 2012


Up date : Plattan are releasing these puppies October 25th.  On the Christmas list.....

It is the time of year a chap might start thinking about Tweed.  How cool does this look ? I think Vancouver needs one of these.  Who's in ?


Nike x Undercover Gyakusou

21 September 2012

New Favourite Norwegians

Some images from Reiulframstadarkitekter, our new favourite Norwegians.  I dont know if it is something about the climate, skies, landscape, whatever it is.  These folk kill it.  Lovely Lovely stuff.

17 September 2012

The Smokehouse

A short film by Rohan Anderson one of the blokes behind the hunting / gathering / fishing / cooking blog Whole Larder Love and The Smith Journal .  Radical DIY living.  Discovered at the always brilliant 10engines

The Smokehouse from Smith Journal on Vimeo.

13 September 2012

a gif file of one of renderings yesterday

12 September 2012

04 September 2012

29 August 2012

dunbar residence

Some before and after shots of the almost completed dunbar private residence.


Front_afterSide yard_ before
Side yard_afterRear view towards house_before
Rear view towards house_after
Rear view towards laneway_before
Rear view towards laneway_after

and some lovely details.....
handrails, table and benches to follow.....

26 August 2012


A new pool / outdoor spa we're working on.  Going to be fun.

09 August 2012


In keeping with our current cycling obsession (and project about to come to completion this week), the Tom and Ed of the Chemicals have done this tastiness for the track cyclists in the Olympics.  Wicked.

25 July 2012

The Games

Celebrating the forthcoming games in the UK our mate Ross has illustrated and made these wicked T shirts.  Kind of sums up the state of play really.  If you want one, go here.  

11 July 2012

The Wild West

Just back from a much needed camping trip to the Wild West Coast of BC.  What a place.

08 June 2012

Friday Rendering

Image for our project in Downtown Vancouver...with Ronnie Wood.

24 May 2012


Take a couple minutes

04 May 2012

west vancouver

One of our west vancouver job's is turning out very nice indeed!

Before & After

01 May 2012

26 April 2012

11 April 2012

David 8

Big things have small beginnings. More human than human ?

03 April 2012

New American Psychedelia

Big fans of this sort of thing at Considered Design. Steven Harrington's Studio. Rad as they say in Southern California.

Steve Harrington (US) from Beck's Green Box Project on Vimeo.

23 March 2012

spring is coming along nicely.....

after.... west vancouver job nearly finished!


22 March 2012

On Our Screens

Some of the things that are keeping us out of mischief right now.

Private residence, West Vancouver.

Howe & Drake. New tower and podium Downtown South.

Bridgeport Road Richmond. 2 boutique hotels and an office tower.

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