22 June 2010

sliding house

I thought I blogged about this house by dRMM months ago... but I love the concept of a sliding house and it looks great!

images from the dRMM website.

19 June 2010

one for the acid ramblers

this one looks like its going to be good

14 June 2010

probed by Philips

Here at Considered Design we have, for a long time, been fascinated by the idea of what exactly is the classification for the 'natural or the 'un-natural'. Does one even really exist, and if it doesn't what are the implications for us as designers ? The Philips Design Probe series offers a pretty cool insight into the thinking driving the possible future scenarios for an increasingly urban world population. Here's a couple. Its good stuff.

I may be my mother's daughter but...

...my cooking skills are not quite so refined... my mum's would look straight out of a shop... me I am a bit more rough around the edges.
But what has inspired me is eating local, we have a delivery every week of locally produced fruit and veg from grocer gunst. What we really like about it is, that we never know what we are going to get, and although we get standard things such as mixed salad leaves etc, it is the odd extras that keep us on our toes. Also I like that the farmer/ grower is controlling his/ her stock and using what there is left leading to no potential waste.
my pepper and broccoli quiche/ salad (with homemade thyme pastry), may look very ordinary (and rough and ready) but there is alot of hidden goodness delivered from grocer gunst, such as, garlic scapes, pea tips, radishes, watercress and off course organic eggs. As for the taste... julian will have to comment on that.
I am looking forward to seeing what comes in the following weeks... and can't wait until the return of those amazing local cherries.

09 June 2010

David Adjaye

No two ways about it, David Adjaye's work kills it. From the early days of seeing his works In Whitechapel, a grimy bit of East London, to his newer houses like the incredible Lost House, he rarely, if ever disappoints. It is raw, visceral stuff and just the kind of Architecture we like. Surely you need to work with a great landscape architecture practice ? hmme ? David ?

image credits inhabitat & archipreneur

08 June 2010

queen and country

Queen and Country: a project by Steve McQueen is currently being exhibited at the national portrait gallery in london, and I wish I was traveling back in the next couple of weeks so I could go.
Queen and Country takes the form of a large cabinet containing a series of facsimile postage sheets bearing portrait heads of soldiers who lost their lives in the conflict in Iraq between 2003 and 2009. The ultimate goal of the project is to persuade Royal Mail to issue real stamps in commemoration of individual service personnel who have died in the current conflict in Iraq.

McQueen's idea behind the project is getting the images into the nation's bloodstream. The only way a person can appear normally on a stamp is if you are a member of the royal family or if you are dead. McQueen says "I don't know who is more deserving to be on a stamp than someone who has fought for their Queen and Country. Tell me if i'm wrong. If I'm wrong, fine, then I'll quit"
Let's hope he doesn't stop this fight because he is RIGHT!
Older Woman Looking Down by Bridget Riley, c.1950 - © Bridget Riley 2009
image credit - david parry via NPG

Jacques Cousteau's Calypso

marking the centenary of Captain Cousteau's birth, the Calypso is about to be refitted and relaunched by the Cousteau Society. Originally a British minesweeper the vessel was purchased by Thomas Loel, Irish millionaire and descendent of the Guinness brewing empire, who leased it to Cousteau as his refitted 'mobile oceanography laboratory' for one franc per year. This is the ship featured in most of his underwater adventures. Bit of a dude in my book Mr Cousteau....

06 June 2010

surf inspired art

stunning ethereal surf inspired art from serena-mitnik-miller, i would love one of these on our wall

02 June 2010

fine things

a collection of fine things floating our...read my (JP) boat right now furniture by Another Country, clean, no nonsense, honest design.

Ventile jacket by the coolest cats around Albam, old school weather protection done right. Ventile rocks.

and last but not least this bad boy. Poachers bag by Chapman bags with the lads at Oi Polloi, old school craftsmanship given a bit of a tweak. Nice.

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