19 July 2011

western living designers of the year 2011 - shortlisted

Considered Design has been nominated for Western Living 'Designers of the Year' (Landscape).
We are very happy just to be nominated especially as we have only been up and running properly for a year!

Looking forward to the september issue to see all the winners!

05 July 2011

and in Acid Rambling news...

Maybe its down to being raised (fetched-up) in the North of England with weekends camping in the Lake District but whatever we're fond of the Acid Rambler round at Considered Design. Really what's not to like, Chocolate covered Kendal Mint Cake, the chance of bumping in to Chris Bonnington at some middle of no-where real ale, killer sunday lunch pub, boots at the door please Ladies and Gentlemen, children and dogs welcome. Anyway...where was I, yes, spotted this on on Inventory's blog, caused a bit of a stir amongst some of the locals, whatever, I think its ace. As usual, its the Japanese who are killing it.

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