15 December 2011

season greetings to all!

our considered design christmas card!

08 December 2011

2211 Cambie Street

A couple of images from our latest commercial project. 2211 Cambie Street Vancouver. Architecture and images courtesy of the very clever chaps at Iconstrux. Needless to say, we're pretty stoked about getting this one off the ground. Building starts in the new year.

01 December 2011

Bjarke Ingles

A very clever chap / practice. We like this thinking.

26 November 2011

Current listening

Something for the weekend. Killer tune.

21 November 2011

Vancouver Viaducts

Our entry for re-revsioning the Viaducts. Definitely trying to subvert the existing condition. Let's see how far it gets us...

if you like our thinking, vote here

15 November 2011

27 October 2011

Miller House

Saarinen, Kiley & Girard in the mix, over half a century old #beautiful #timeless

19 October 2011

Ice Jacket

Strictly one for the Acid Ramblers / Casual Hooligan, the re-birth of a classic from the Isola Di Pietra camp.

03 October 2011

Re-Inventing the wheel

Big Ron has had a bash at re-inventing the humble bike wheel. Sprung steel fantasticalness.


Riding the 'Two Nuns'

29 September 2011

507 Days

sneak preview...OK we've been at this thing for 507 Days...Considered Design that is. We thought it might be nice to share what has been keeping us out of mischief for the last year ....or so. here's a sneak preview of some of the things we have been lucky enough to be involved in. Cheers to the next 507 Days...or so

West 4th

and one we have on site with our mate D'Arcy....an inverted estate landscape...


On site, Big Hole, Tllt Shift.

Cambie St

Our new project on Cambie street is submitted for Development Permit. Fingers crossed.....

18 August 2011

Cricket Trailers

This one came via kaufmann-mercantile. Never been a huge fan of the caravan / caravan holiday always preferring the classic VW camper (Splitty/Bay/Air Brick) or the simple pleasures of a tent, but got to say this might change things.

Designed by some bloke who used to work at Nasa (how cool) on the Space Station, then packed it all in and turned his hand to the humble Caravan...or Cricket Trailer...in his words ' an innovative lightweight, compact, and flexible small environment in which to travel and explore the world we live in.'

Looks pretty damn cool to me. More here and here

Photos all by David Bates, nicked from Cricket Trailer

19 July 2011

western living designers of the year 2011 - shortlisted

Considered Design has been nominated for Western Living 'Designers of the Year' (Landscape).
We are very happy just to be nominated especially as we have only been up and running properly for a year!

Looking forward to the september issue to see all the winners!

05 July 2011

and in Acid Rambling news...

Maybe its down to being raised (fetched-up) in the North of England with weekends camping in the Lake District but whatever we're fond of the Acid Rambler round at Considered Design. Really what's not to like, Chocolate covered Kendal Mint Cake, the chance of bumping in to Chris Bonnington at some middle of no-where real ale, killer sunday lunch pub, boots at the door please Ladies and Gentlemen, children and dogs welcome. Anyway...where was I, yes, spotted this on on Inventory's blog, caused a bit of a stir amongst some of the locals, whatever, I think its ace. As usual, its the Japanese who are killing it.

29 June 2011

New Catalan Genius

Not surprising given their providence with EMBT and Enric Mirrales, incredible, poetic work fromMiAS Arquitectes. There really is something quite unique about this part of the world and the Architects it produces. #inspiration.

25 June 2011

Coast Modern Films

This is going to be epic. These lads did an amazing job at PechaKucha, cant wait to see this and the Pipeline film when they come out

Coast Modern Film Trailer from Coast Modern on Vimeo.

24 June 2011

considered design @ pecha kucha vancouver

a very amateur/ shaky film of Julian @ Pecha Kucha Vancouver.

07 June 2011

Current listening

In anticipation of a great long hot summer...and a bit of a Balearic moment for the hippy in us

03 June 2011

a hidden gem

We had a site visit to a new project last week and it felt like such a magnificent opportunity to catch still life glimpse of part of a glamorous vancouver past. The house and gardens felt almost post apocalyptic and it was pretty special having a walk around a landscape that had been left undisturbed for 3 years, imagining the previous owners lifestyle, with some plants remaining as glimpses of a well cared, manicured garden. Hopefully we will be able to save some of those special species that have made up this garden in the past and add some more for future generations.

28 May 2011

24 May 2011

Urban Analysis

Some Urban Analysis studies for a new project we are working on. Pen / Ink on trace / 20Lb with some Photoshop jiggery pokery. Pedestrians / Bicycles / Asteroids / Visiting Aliens....

21 May 2011

Woven Footscapes

Haven't done a trainers post in a while. Nike x Bodega doing a killer woven version of the Footscape. Proper techno hippy / Salford Soiux shoes for the summer. Images nicked from Bodega where you can buy em shortly.

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