24 May 2011

Urban Analysis

Some Urban Analysis studies for a new project we are working on. Pen / Ink on trace / 20Lb with some Photoshop jiggery pokery. Pedestrians / Bicycles / Asteroids / Visiting Aliens....


  1. Exceptional "jiggery pokery"! I would frame one of these.

  2. i like these a lot! you made them sound so simple - clearly your very talented!

  3. Thankyou PC, you're more than welcome to one, but only if you hang it in your *cough* dunny (?) as I think your husband might say

    c and d thanks to you too, very kind, they really were quite simple once we had got our heads around the hand / computer / hand process. Really inspired by David Tazzyman's fantastic illustrations for We Love in Ibiza. Amazing stuff. http://www.synergyart.co.uk/david3.htm#portfolio-picture(8)


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