26 November 2010

metal work

The metalwork has arrived onsite at our North Vancouver project. Matt black and slightly rubbery powder coated finish...we're pretty pleased with it.

24 November 2010

17 November 2010

UNKLE x McQueen

Got my grubby mitts on this last night. Handed out for free at the Press Day of McQueens sub collection Mc Q. Its bloody great. Dark, almost gothic in places. Perfect company for Mr McQueens work. Hope he's still listening in the other place.

15 November 2010

Gil Scott-Heron Chris Cunningham remix

Ethereal, dreamlike new work from our favourite director Chris Cunningham. Brilliant.

14 November 2010

How Reindeer Fly

we're feeling a little festive around here at Considered Design (it's the time of year we design our Christmas Cards), here is an 'inspirational' video to get you in the mood....

10 November 2010

electrify the boys and girls

Tron Legacy

The hype is building ridiculously but still, looks pretty damn cool. Daft Punk sound track. Cant wait

04 November 2010

New Works II Planting

Plants have arrived. Always a pleasant phase in a new project, the warm and fuzzy bit.

01 November 2010

canadian architect_rennie gallery

Great article and front cover for the Rennie Art Gallery in this month's Canadian Architect, with a lovely paragraph on the Roof Garden on the last page.

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