25 November 2009

the sort of thing that we get excited about....

selectism - The Julliard School

lovely lovely lovely

considered design in aj notebook.

Great new feature from AJ and the AR. They have launched a new user-generated design and architecture site. www.ajnotebook.com. Notebook is a collection of the most inspiring ideas in architecture and design - and is all generated by the readers.

We uploaded a post on the Rennie Art Gallery, we are currently second row down on the left hand side. Click on the image to go straight to our website to see the project in full or click on the information symbol to rate us or comment.

20 November 2009

christmas markets

why has this tradition of christmas markets not really made its way across the atlantic?
there is nothing that feels more christmassy to me than walking around outdoor stalls filled with good food and good crafts whilst drinking some warm mulled wine. we will certainly miss it this year.

woolly pockets strange advertising!

what do naked women have to do with a planting system for a living wall?
does woolly pockets seriously think that the only people interested in recommending or buying this product are men? I am not adverse to nudity but the narrow mindedness of this campaign is not allowing me to take the company or the product seriously.

19 November 2009

studio search

we have started looking at potential places for our studio.
there are lots of places we would love to have an studio in vancouver, main areas include, lower main, hastings, gastown. But mainly we desire character and light and a creative environment

Current favourite is the alhambra building in gastown.

irish architecture

i probably am very bias but there are so many good architects in ireland at the moment. these lot are my new discovery... how i didnt know about them before i don't know.

ODOS architects I am drooling over the houses they have designed!

12 November 2009

rennie art gallery roof deck

Birch Trees, originally uploaded by considered design.

Just putting the finishing touches to this project.
Looking forward to plants exploding in spring!

check out the rest of the photos on flickr.

10 November 2009


we're a finalist! Go here and vote

06 November 2009


cor-ten deck, originally uploaded by considered design.

seeing how beautifully the deck is weathering has made my friday!

starling dance

One of things I miss most about working in Belfast at this time of year is seeing the
starling dance every night on my way home. It is such a spectacular display of nature.

05 November 2009

Bio feedback loops

and in an unusual querk of universal confluence re. our previous post about Grouse Mountain's wind turbine and the need for a visual representation of the true life cycle carbon cost/potential net benefit BLDG BLOG post this fantastic project. I feel an idea coming on........

04 November 2009

sustainable energy for grouse mountain

Seeing this wind turbine makes me smile everyday. I think its very brave move for Vancouver, despite the very obvious scars on the mountains from winter activities the view across to the North Shore is unspoilt.

There is an unfortunate view of wind turbines and wind farms and "not in my backyard" is often the outcome. I totally disagree with this view and would love to have one in my backyard (when we move out of an apartment).
I think that it is vitally important we see where our energy is coming from, that we appreciate when we turn a light on or put clothes in a drier, we associate the electricity with its source, how else are we to become responsible if we have no understanding of the origin?

Personally we would love to see more wind turbines up there, so the mountain can be fully self sustained!
I think the turbine is a very powerful image for the winter olympics and I hope other countries take note of how sustainable their mountain resorts could be.

03 November 2009

real places real people

and less of the 'lifestyle' I hope............
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