04 November 2009

sustainable energy for grouse mountain

Seeing this wind turbine makes me smile everyday. I think its very brave move for Vancouver, despite the very obvious scars on the mountains from winter activities the view across to the North Shore is unspoilt.

There is an unfortunate view of wind turbines and wind farms and "not in my backyard" is often the outcome. I totally disagree with this view and would love to have one in my backyard (when we move out of an apartment).
I think that it is vitally important we see where our energy is coming from, that we appreciate when we turn a light on or put clothes in a drier, we associate the electricity with its source, how else are we to become responsible if we have no understanding of the origin?

Personally we would love to see more wind turbines up there, so the mountain can be fully self sustained!
I think the turbine is a very powerful image for the winter olympics and I hope other countries take note of how sustainable their mountain resorts could be.


  1. It will take many years before they counter the carbon costs of its manufacture and installation. The truly sustainable thing to do would be to turn the lights off at night when there is no night skiing.

  2. I totally agree they should turn the lights off it is a waste.
    Nothing is truly 100% sustainable, but as you said you can counter the carbon costs of its manufacture and installation, its a start!

  3. It would be interesting to see if there was a life cycle analysis carried out
    prior to the installation of the wind turbine. The total carbon cost could be calculated with the eventual (hopefully) net benefit being plotted against the carbon cost of material, manufacture and installation. What would make the project REALLY interesting and educational is a visual representation, some sort of scale or online data collection, that clearly shows when the turbine has paid its way. Its still a potent symbol and a kick up the backside to the apathetic doomsdayers. Yes and turn the lights off at night Grouse Mountain.....if i'm not riding that is......


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