07 May 2010

the final countdown

This has been one of those 'special' projects. It didnt look good from the outset, historic easements that no one quite knew the purpose of, the run around with the city while they decided which one of their departments would eventually deal with things.

The laser cut basalt from china, hinoki cypress from a man called bill in haines alaska, vetri bianco tiles from italy and the italian, polish, scandinavian and a few canadian guys have in their own way put this thing together. Not to mention a client with the patience of a saint.

Its been a journey, and a mass produced acrylic hole in the ground this most certainly is not. In the next two weeks we'll fill her with water, fire up the flat panel LED light pads, hope the ozone filters work their magic and maybe just maybe have the best damn hot tub in the world....well it'll look the coolest anyway. Hope they like it as much as we do.


  1. I love it, and I want to see it! Have to tell you, "the final countdown" is also an awful song. Do you know it? It's now in my head. Ugh.
    have a great day you two!

  2. lol thats what was going round and round in my head yesterday, sorry...only fair to share! By the 13th we should be up and running with pretty much most things in, planting is happening this week, deck staining today, table assembly monday (no mean feat...solid basalt....it literally weights a tonne). Teak benches and hinoki liner arriving daily. I'll kind of miss this one when its done. When are you free to swing by and have a look ? The basalt kind of looks best on a rainy day interestingly...the blackness really shines.

  3. when you've got something in your head like..."it's the final countdown", simply hum "flight of the bumble bee", its classical and gets you through those moments when time matters, or take a deep breath,"the girl from ipanema" will wander by that hot tub.

  4. Flight of the Bumble Bee is a wicked track. Love it. Going to listen to it on my travels this morning... thanks for reminding me Robert. Ps...I'm sure our client would very much enjoy the Girl from Ipanema walking by..... would be right up his alley.

  5. damn u guys, now I too have that asshole of a song in my head!!! ;) projects looking swell! xxxx the waggles


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