29 January 2010

the grease bus

during the games one of local mountains Grouse is going
to be operating round the clock. in addition to their recently
installed wind turbine the mountain is doing its bit by offering
this free shuttle service bus running on the used grease from
the burgers and fries in the mountain cafe. hopefully Ullr will
take pity on us and we might actually see some sunrise snowboarding


  1. i shall be doing my round the living room snow-dance this evening with the dog.... got to be worth a try .....

  2. People would donate bacon fat to watch you larking it down the mountain with a huskie pulling you along. Puppy ready for snow training?

  3. If it helps the snow levels down here mate, I'd happily sign up ! There are going to be some very carefully chosen camera angles over the next few weeks I feel sure.....


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