02 March 2010

rennie gallery published!

The Rennie Gallery was published in this month's (march) Azure. Very pleased the main picture was of the roof deck and off course the martin creed work. The main picture is credited to Alison Magill, Landscape Designer, thanks to the client I got properly credited which is always hard when you are in the mix with other design firms. Considered Design wasnt mentioned so a big thank you to JULIAN, this project was as much him as it was me. Also big thank you to Jon Losee who fully accepted my design on the roof and also helped steer the project ahead.

Please visit our flickr site where you can find more pictures of the roof garden including two very important pieces of art work that Azure Magazine have missed out. The Dan Graham Pavilion and 'The striding man' by Thomas Houseago.


  1. Brilliant - Well done!!!

    Yes, it's always fraught with apprehensive when opening the magazine to see if they got the credits correct!!!!

  2. Thanks Rob, yeh we were a little nervous flicking through the pages....

  3. You two are so bloody talented! I'm happy you were properly credited. I know what it's like to get missed out. Grrr.

  4. LOL! Thank you Janis. As they say though a picture speaks a thousand words!


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