31 October 2010

Migration of Mel and Judith - Europe & Luxor

Beautifully crafted Architecture as narrative. More fantastic, fantastical work from Tom Hillier. Love this. World in a Lampshade.

'Becoming bored with Europe, Mel & Judith eventually decide to settle down to a new life inLuxor, Egypt. They now live on a small, uninhabited island situated on the River Nile, where in their weird and wonderful ‘Do-It-Yourself’English manor Mel brews beer in his bathtub-brewery whilst Judith bakes rose-bread in the bread-garden. Their island comes alive during the holiday season creating an English retreat in the middle of Luxor, a retreat that lures in English tourists with the opportunity to besurrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of home. The smell ofroses and freshly baked bread drift through the air whilst the temptation to drink beer (whichis illegal inLuxor) is impossible to resist. So if you are ever in Luxor and miss the familiarity of home, take a rowing boat over to Mel and Judith’s island for a little piece of England.'

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