10 February 2010

the howies catalogue

true to form it looks to be another beautifully crafted object from our long time favourite welsh company. almost a cult item with its vegetable based inks and ethical stance, always something i looked forward to landing on the doormat in the UK, as much for the clothing as it was for the reading and graphic content. clever folk and bucket loads of soul, lets hope this stays with them now that one of the big boys owns em.


  1. Those Welsh sure know how to protect against the elements!

  2. yup cant beat a good emergency orange cagoule and a well ironed pair of cords... marvelous

  3. me too, i came across this bloke the other week on m' blog travels he absolutely kills it
    perfect geography teacher look, almost exactly what i looked like when i was ten years old, complete with clarks nature treks...my mum knew what was going on.....


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