08 February 2010

vancouver olympic architecture

interesting article on vancouver olympic architecture in the NY times

recently I have been comparing the london olympics and the vancouver olympic architecture/ design. london is seemingly going all out for the starchitects such as zaha hadid and peter cook whilst vancouver have went more for the home grown talent. personally i would have liked to see some more progressive flamboyant design in the architecture and the landscape architecture, that I think vancouver companies are more than capable off, which leads me to think where did the restrictions come from, the city, the developers or laziness.

whilst there is something very admirable with vancouver supporting the local design community I have to wonder what the world will think next week when the eye comes to this city. I don't think it is really making vancouver a world class player, you have to play with the big boys to be one yourself!

perhaps an opportunity missed by VANOC.

vancouver's olympic village

zaha hadid - london olympics

peter cook/ hok - london olympics

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