20 April 2010

the kitchen table.

Like all good things, they come to those who wait and there is a story behind them.

I (Alison) wanted a drop leaf table, my granny used to have one, this is her, and you can just about make out her drop leaf table behind her, this picture was taken in the 60's, so she had that table for over 30 years.
Everytime I went to her house when I was young, we would get the table out, have dinner and then sit around playing cards or drawing.

I explained my granny's spare table to Julian and we looked for one to buy but nothing came up to scratch with that 1960's table, so lovingly Julian designed our table and our good friend Dean made it for us. I love our table and hope to have it for 30 years plus. What makes it even more special is that it's not perfect, but I know the hands that drew it and made it, I know the wood is FSC and most importantly when I heard the rattle of the table, I almost started crying because it sounded exactly like that table of my granny's and brought back so many lovely memories.

So here it is, our table, with so much thanks to Julian and Dean.


  1. Great table! Well done. I love that pic of your Granny! Is that a Christmas cracker "crown" she's wearing?

  2. Thanks Janis, Yeh it was christmas time... glad i found her with the table

  3. Screw the table, that photo of your granny is brilliant!!!! I would love to do a painting of her! If you send me a high res photo of her I'll gladly immortalize her for you! In the same style "My Last Trip" - What do you think?

  4. Actually, I do really like the table too ; )

  5. why don't you and janis come over for dinner one night check the table and the pictures of my granny out! x


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