01 April 2010

on the radar

There are a few things on my radar at the moment for the business, for clients and for my apartment. These are just a couple.

Vitra Joyn Table. This is the perfect table for us. We want that studio feeling of sitting around a big table and collaborating, all we need now is the studio space!

I don't usually like outdoor sofa's but I have recently come across these from B&B Italia, that feel as if it is trying to be outdoor furniture. Hoping a client likes them as much as I do to invest in them.

and my favourite (probably cause it is for me)
I love this felt light by Tom Dixon and for approx $700 I think its a bit a bargain!
There is alot of Tom Dixon furniture that I like but I especially love it when he has a slightly softer touch like with this light.

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